VE-JET – Centrifugal Jet Fan

F-300°C/2 H.

In the event of a fire in a car park, it is essential to have a reliable ventilation system in place to remove smoke and exhaust fumes. Axial jet fans are an effective solution for this purpose, as they can provide high airflow at low pressure to help clear the air quickly.

Features and Configurations

F300 C/2H

Parking Lot Ventilation

Direct Drive

Galvanized Metal Housing

Industrial Use

Two Years Guarantee

Two Speed Motor

IP 55

Working Temperature

Centrifugal Fan

Automation Compatible

“Fire Smoke Exhaust and Ventilation in a Car Park Using Centrifugal Jet Fans”

In a car park, the confined space and multiple levels can make it difficult to evacuate and ventilate the area in the event of a fire. This is why it is essential to have a reliable smoke management system in place. Centrifugal jet fans are a unique solution designed specifically for use in car parks and other confined spaces.

One of the critical features of Centrifugal jet fans is their thin design. Due to the fan’s structure, the unit’s overall size is much smaller than traditional axial jet fans, making them suitable for use in the tight spaces of a car park. This allows for easy installation in the ceiling or walls of the car park without taking up too much space.

Centrifugal jet fans also effectively manage smoke and ventilation in a car park. They can provide high airflow at low pressure, helping to disperse smoke and other pollutants quickly. The jet fans can be activated by a central fire detection and control system, allowing for quick and effective smoke management in the event of a fire.

In addition to their use in fire safety, Centrifugal jet fans can also be used for general ventilation in a car park. They can help remove vehicle exhaust and other pollutants, ensuring that the air quality in the car park is safe and comfortable. The jet fans can be controlled by a central management system, allowing for precise control of the ventilation flow.

Overall, centrifugal jet fans are a unique solution for fire smoke exhaust and ventilation in a car park. Their thin design and high airflow capabilities make them suitable for use in confined spaces, while their versatility in smoke management and general ventilation make them a valuable asset in any car park.

  • Modeling Jet Fans/CFD Simulation
  • Suitable for use in the tight spaces of a car park
  • The F300 Centrifugal Jet Fan series is the most potent and efficient rate-of-flow fan manufactured by Venteurope.
  • The symmetrical impeller blades ensure low noise emissions and high air velocity over a wide flow range.
  • While the ventilators are equipped with a CE-certified safety switch (REV)that is an optional extra, they can also be operated without it.
  • This makes the fan entirely suitable for use in car parks.
  • The housing consists of galvanized sheet steel with a paint finish, which lets it blend perfectly into any interior décor.
  • The high-quality fan blades are made of high-structure iron cast and are exceptionally durable.
  • The impeller is designed to be easily removed without tools, making maintenance work more accessible.

Technical data

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